VersionByProject Error / Octopus 5.12.666

The following steps have resulted in the following problem, then a block on queue to release. Please advise on a fix.

PUT vetoed by Raven.Bundles.UniqueConstraints.UniqueConstraintsPutTrigger because: Ensure unique constraint violated for fields: VersionByProject

How to reproduce it:

  1. Create a release named “0.0.1” (can be any name you want)
  2. Delete this release
  3. Create a new release with same name “0.0.1”


Alan is the octopus server version

Hi Alan,

Thanks for getting in touch! When Octopus deletes something, it marks it as deleted then has a cleanup task run to actually delete the record. When errors like this occur its generally because the delete task has failed or timed out. Can you check in your tasks for such an event, and rerun it to delete the record, then you should be able to re-use that release number.

Let me know what you find!