Version rules must specify either a version-range or a pre-release tag

I don’t believe this is a valid validation rule. Per NuGet Versioning Syntax, when specifying version range, “empty = latest version”. When creating a Channel with two Version Rules I need one to always use latest and do not have any tags to use. I believe leaving both fields blank should be valid and should just mean use the latest package at all times for this step.

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Yes, you are correct and I’ve confirmed with the team that this was an oversight when creating this feature.

I’ve raised #2165 to have this fixed in a future release.

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Hi Jarrod,
Thanks for sending your thoughts through on this topic. At this point in time we have decided this feature is not something that we will be implementing and our reasoning for this has been outlined in the linked ticket. If you feel strongly like this is something that is desirable, please feel free to create a uservoice ticket so we can start the discussion with the rest of the community.
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This makes sense. After I played with the feature a bit more I realized I could acheive what I wanted and was trying to use the feature incorrectly. BTW I’ve been using Channels with a lot of success. Great work!