Version match between Octopus client and Tentacle

Can you please advise what the requirements are for matching the versions of the Octopus client and the Tentacle service. For example, we have downloaded and packaged version 1.0.15.?? of the Octopus installer in July 2012 and have just got around to downloading the Tentacle installer v today (we are conducting a trial into the appropriateness of Octopus at our site).

Are there any issues we will encounter with this version combination?

Hi Graham,

In general the version should match, or the Octopus version can be a couple of versions ahead, but I don’t test for forwards compatibility with new Tentacles so it’s hard to say whether you will encounter any problems with this configuration (though I can’t think of any off the top of my head).

If you need to download a 1.0.15.x Tentacle installer, you can get it from here:

You may like to upgrade to the latest Octopus version however before your evaluation, to prevent running into bugs that have already been fixed.

Hope that helps,