Variables with _ in them aren't displayed in the variable list accurately

Variable name: HOME\SA_WebUI_DEV

Name (wrong) displayed in both view & edit mode of the UI on first glance: HOME\SA WebUI_DEV
Name (correct) displayed if I click to edit, then unfocus: HOME\SA_WebUI_DEV

The deployment log reflects the accurate name, so I knew it was working, but users who don’t have access to change variables are being misled.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for getting in touch! I just did a quick test on my machine (Octopus version 3.16.2) and this seems to be working as expected. Would you be able to attach a screenshot where you are seeing this issue? Would you also be able to let me know what version of Octopus deploy you are currently running?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,