Variables pointing to Environment and targets


While configuring a project our teams used to configure 1 variable for both Environment and Targets.
The issue with this process is that those variable won’t be replaced when deploying the applications.
The work around is to duplicate the variable and configure it for both the Environment and Targets separately.
Is it working as intended or is it just a bug (imo it’s a bug)?
If it is a bug is there an ETA for it to be patched? It kinda hurts to have multiple equal variables just because we can’t concentrate it in 1 single row.

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for reaching out.

I gave this a try in 3.3.4 but It didn’t happen on my end. Could you please share me all the info needed to reproduce this bug? Variable names values and scopes, how the config file looks like and everything else you’d show someone to reproduce this from scratch.

Also please let me know which version of Octopus you are running.

Best regards,