Variables not substituting in Powershell script after 2021.1 upgrade

After upgrading from Octopus 2020.6.4722 to 2021.1 , Variables not substituting in certain Powershell scripts.

In the step, Disable users - disable-users.ps1 we see the variables have values substituted:
11:31:53 Verbose | Invoking target script C:\Octopus\Work\20210730173146-158646-82\Scripts\disable-users.ps1 with parameters are substituted - see emails logs -SPEPath “…\Tools\SPE” parameters.

In a subsequent step, Upload and Install update packages 2, we see that the invoking step does not substitute variables:
Invoking target script C:\Octopus\Work\20210730173216-158646-88\Scripts\install-updatepackages.ps1 with parameters are NOT substituted - see emails logs -ConnectionUri “#{ConnectionUri}” -SPEPath “#{SPEPath}” -PackagesPath “#{PackagePath}” -UpgradeAction “#{UpgradeAction}” -InstallMode “#{InstallMode}” -Destination “#{PackagePath}” -sourcePackagePath "#

I will email the logs privately to

Thank you!

Hi @ktornow,

Thanks for getting in touch.

I see you have sent a ticket to our Inbox with the Support logs. I have responded to your there. Please let me know if you’d rather work this issue on the forums.


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