Variables are gone - and so are most of my previous releases

Hello, most of my variables have disappeared and so have my previous releases. I dont know if this is relevant, but I recently changed the user that the Octopus tentacle runs under for my database deployments and now my previous releases have all disappeared as well as all my variable changes since then. How can I recover these?

I have just checked the database and queried the Release table and can’t find my previous releases. Somehow they have been deleted. Can you please tell me if there is a way to retrieve this? This will take me hours to recover over 100 variables


Thanks for getting in touch! Hopefully we can figure out why you have had records deleted unexpectedly.

The very first thing I would like you to check is your Audit log (which can be found under Configuration -> Audit). We record all changes to data in this area, including deletions.

Variables can be removed when their scope is removed - such as variables with Environments as their scope. The reason is that if a variable is singly scoped and that object is deleted, if we just removed the scope the variable would be unscoped and potentially break deployments. Could you have had any variables deleted due to this? Are any environments listed as deleted?

Releases can be deleted when retention policies are run. You can check your server retention policies in your Lifecycles (found in Library -> Lifecycle). What setting do you have for ‘Releases’ for the projects that have deleted releases?

Anything that is deleted and is in the audit log will have the details in a JSON format in the audit details so you will be able to see what was deleted (and hopefully why and by who). It means you can have this information on hand to recreate them.

Let me know if you have any questions, or if you find something that doesn’t look right.