Variable transforms with machine names

Hi! I have deployment with 3 roles: role1, role2, role3.
I have variables var1 and var2, scoped to different roles.

When i deploy to role1, i use variable substitution for creating config
And i have a problem: config must contain all machine-names from target roles role2 and role3 and variables (considering scopes)

It cat looks like this but how i understand - its dead topic.
It there any other way to create config like i need?

Example of result config:
machine1 in role2 have var1=1
machine1 in role3 have var2=2
machine2 in role2 have var1=2
machine2 in role3 have var2=1


Thanks for reaching out. I’m having a bit of a hard time understanding what your desired result is :). Would you mind showing me in detail what is it that you want in your configuration file/s at the end of the deployment? The more details you send (screenshots, config file pre and post deployment, etc) the easier it would be for me to understand your scenario and to give you a hand.



Hi! Thank you for the answer!

Sorry for bad explanation, it s difficult to explain even in my native language :slight_smile:

In result, after variable substitution, i want to see list of all deployment targets (by names) with it role and with variables, scoped to this targets and roles.
I cant give you a screenshot because i dont know how to make this file with deployment, i’ll try to explain with example:

vm-web1, vm-web2, vm-app1, vm-app2

site1 (assigned to both vm-web1 and web-web2), site2 (assigned to vm-web1), app1(assigned to both vm-app1 and vm-app2) and app2 (assigned to vm-app2)

AppName = GreatWebSite(scoped to role site1)
AppName = AwfulSite (scoped to role site2)
AppName = CleverApp (scoped to role app1)
AppName = StupidApp (scoped to role app2)

After variable substitution in one of steps (i dont know what template can help me), or maybe with other methods i need to see in file:
vm-web1 GreatWebSite
vm-web2 GreatWebSite
vm-web1 AwfulSite
vm-app1 CleverApp
vm-app2 CleverApp
vm-app2 StupidApp

Sorry if its still hard to understand, its difficult to explain for me =(