Variable token problem with ">" being transformed into "&gt"

I have an Octopus Variable where the value is not tokenize correct or as we need for example:
the Value in Octopus variable is “>2fr” but when Octopus tokenize this in our config file it looks like “&gt2fr” instead.
This causes errors for the application because it is expecting “>2fr” for that environment value.
We are currently using Octopus Version 3.17.10

Thank you

Hi Richard,

Thanks for posting your question to the Octopus community.

The > character is a reserved character in XML, so Octopus automatically escapes it to generate valid XML. I was wondering if you’ve tried using a variable filter here to see if it ends up correct in the XML file?

Something like this may work for you where the variable is being used:
${MyVariable | XmlEscape}

Let me know if that works for you!


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