Variable substitution with an & (ampersand)

Hi Team,

We are using Azure blob key in Octopus variables which contain an & (ampersand).

When we done the deployment in variable files it is replacing the & with & hence we are facing issue on access the Azure blobs, previously we are in Azure paas environment that time we did not face this issue, but we are now moving from paas to iaas and see the issue in VMs.

Please let us know if there is any solution on this.


Hi @satishy,

Sorry to read that you are having difficulties with the Azure blob key, the ā€˜&ā€™ character can be a problem in powershell scripts, so there may be a bug lurking in one of our steps to do with this error.

Would you be able to share the logs of the error that you are experiencing, and could you let me know which versions of our product you are working with? I would need both the Server and the Tentacle versions, if possible.

Feel free to redact any sensitive information - Iā€™m more interested in any stack traces or error messages that you can share. If you do wish to share sensitive information you feel is pertinent to this error, let me know and we can mark this conversation as private before you share that information.

All the best,

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