Variable sets, filter Value does not work, bug?


I’m currently running Octopus Deploy, I have several variable sets and filtering does not work for value field, I type an existing value and the list is empty. Name and Scope work as expected. Is this a bug?


Hi Jose,

Thanks for getting in touch! This is by design. The value field really can be so varied (in size and content), and also contain sensitive data so it is not something that we expand.

Sorry if that’s crappy news.

Good to know, thanks for the quick answer :slight_smile:

I have to say, the filtering page on OD causes us major hassles.

We have 50+ variables and when we need to check if a valur has been set we have to manually search through the list because the filtering does not work.

It seems to only filter the Name column with a “Starts With” and not a “Contains” and is case sensitive. This means it is not really useful. It looks like it is still the case with OD 3-


Thanks for reaching out. I’ve submitted a github issue for this. You can track its progress on this link: