Variable Set and Target Roles behavior


I noticed an odd behavior with “Variable Set”.

We need to have variable with multiple values shared across different projects.

I have:

  • “Dev Environment” with target server “Engine server” with two roles “Engine” and “Manager”
  • Two packages to deploy “EnginePkg” and “ManagerPkg”
  • “Dev Project” with two steps:
    “Engine” with “Engine” role for “EnginePkg”
    “Manager” with “Manager” role fro “ManagerPkg”
    Each step have custom installation folder initialize with the #{InstallFolder}
  • Variable set with one variable with multiple values associated with the “Dev Project”
    Name of the variable: “InstallFolder”
    C:\Program Files\Factory#{Octopus.Step.Name} Environment Scope: “Dev Environment”, nothing else
    C:\Apps\Factory#{Octopus.Step.Name} Environment Scope: “Dev Environment”, Target Roles: “Engine”

What I expected when I deployed the release was:
C:\Program Files\Factory\Manager

But the packages were deployed on
C:\Program Files\Factory\Manager
C:\Program Files\Factory\Engine

Did I miss something? :slight_smile:

I used 2018.2.5 and 2.6.4 and I have the same behavior.


Hi Stephane

Thanks for getting in touch! This is actually a very good question.

Variables can be scoped to multiple values, so deciding which value a variable is evaluated to in a given scenario can be a surprisingly tricky process. We call it variable specificity. You can get more information about it from here

In a high level view, Octopus will choose the more specific one for a variable with multiple scopes, which is the one scoped with DEV and Engine in your scenario.

In order to use different values for both steps, I would suggest to consider one of the options below

  • Scope both values with Environment and Role, e.g one scoped to DEV and Engine, and the other scoped to DEV and Manager
  • Scope both values with role only, e.g. one with Engine and the other one with Manager

I hope this helps! Let me know what you think and how you go.


Hi Eddy,

Thanks for the information.
I use the first option and it now works as expected.

Have a good day.

Hi Stephane

I am glad that you managed to get it working.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other queries.

Happy deployment!


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