Variable replacement with # character

Hi All,

We are trying to do a replacement of a Varble using an OD containing a placeholder as follows:

We have a problem as OD will not replace the second variable instance #{WebServiceURL} as it has a leading #.

The leading # is required as , unfortunately :frowning_face: , we use # as a delimiter.
Is there any way to handle this without changing our delimiter which would required a code change in our application?

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Hi @Lastbuilders,

I have just taken a quick look at a way of doing this and wonder if this will help you out:

I have built up my variables this way:

Added a step to test this:

Output as below:

I built out my variable string by combining my other variables together.

I hope this helps

Any questions then let me know.

All the best

Will test @doug.pipe but I believe this will work :+1: and is probably something I should have seen :frowning: . Thank you for the prompt response.


Hi @Lastbuilders,

My pleasure.

I hope this works out for you.

Have a great weekend.


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