Variable Environment Drop Down Not visible


Please see the attached screenshot. I have a project with a large number of variables. If I scroll to the bottom of the list to add a new variable (browser has scrolled) and then double click to set the scope, then I can’t view all of the environments as the drop down opens upwards, rather than downwards (as it does when the browser hasn’t scrolled).

Would it be possible to add this to your backlog for a fix as it’s an annoyance?

Thank you,


Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. I’ve added a github issue to our backlog for this:


Thank you Dalmiro!

Love the GitHub GIF too :slight_smile: What do you make them with?

I’m using a Snagit extension for chrome, which apparently is no longer available anywhere! I thought it was appropriate to show you this on a GIF :stuck_out_tongue: (see attached)

Sounds like I’m gonna have to look for a new GIF tool :frowning:


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