Value with path to a folder


Could you please tell me how can I achieve this?

I have Web.config that contains

<add key=“path” value=“C:\Octopus\Applications\App\app-2.0.0\temp\prd”

I have variable path in my Octopus with value C:\Octopus\Applications\App\app-2.0.0\temp\prd

How can I write value of the path where this part of directory path app-2.0.0 changes whenever I create new release for example next one would be app-2.0.1 so the new value should be in that variable like this C:\Octopus\Applications\App\app-2.0.1\temp\prd

I will like yo have sth like this C:\Octopus\Applications\App\$PackageName\temp\prd

Hey @fragir,

You can use octopus system variables to achieve this.

Are there multiple packages in your deployment process?


Thank you I have found solution with use of Set-OctopusVariable inside the custom script phase.

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