V3: Automatic Release Creation from TeamCity nuget feed?

Hi all,

I see the following in the Octopus v3 docs:

If you use the internal Octopus package repository, you can now select a package, that when uploaded it will automatically create a release.

I would like to utilize this, but my packages are created as artifacts on a TeamCity server via OctoPack. The TeamCity server is what serves the feed of the packages.

Is there a way to trigger automatic release creation from these packages in TeamCity? If not, what is the best way to get the packages from TeamCity into OctopusDeploy’s internal package system?

Let me know if none of this makes sense. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi Sean,

Thanks for reaching out. Dont worry, it does make sense :). The Automatic Release Creation feature is only available if you are using the Octopus build-in repository. In your case you could make use of the Octopus TeamCity plugin which adds a couple of runner types to TC. One of them is called “Octopus: Create Release” which is exactly what you need.

See more info about the plugin here: http://docs.octopusdeploy.com/display/OD/TeamCity



Ahhhh, that’s perfect! Exactly the functionality I needed. Thanks!