Using the "login with windows" feature through API

(Arun) #1

Hi Team,

We are developing a intranet app that uses the octopus API to create tasks to recycle IIS application pools on windows servers. It will be used by multiple users and we want to keep on check on who can login to the application. Creating a new user and password and using a DB to store them seems too extensive for an intranet application.

Since anything that is done on the UI can be done using the API, we decided to use the “Login with windows” option to authenticate users to our application. We are not able to get the below code to work. The “Get” command is throwing an error saying the type arguments cannot be inferred.

var repo = new OctopusRepository(new OctopusServerEndpoint("[octopus url}"));

I am using .net client. Any help is appreciated.


(Pawel Pabich) #3

Hi Arun,

Thanks for getting in touch! This is a very interesting scenario and I created an issue where I tried to answer your question and where we will be tracking interest in this feature .

Please, let me know here if that doesn’t answer your question.



(Arun) #4

Hi Pawel,

Thanks for the reply. We made a small modification to the code pasted above. Instead of Get we used GetContent and we seem to be authenticated.

We are in the process of testing this. I will post our findings soon.Thanks again for your help!


(Arun) #5

Hi Pawel,

We were not able to get this working. We ended up using LDAP authentication for the application. Thanks for your help!