Using Octo.exe with pack option

I have a website - which doesn’t have a project file - that i’d like to create a NuGet package for.

Octopack isn’t an option for me so Octo.exe pack seems like the right choice. I need to be very selective about the files that are included in the created package. i.e Only certain sub folders and specific files within those folders.

I’ve been trying to achieve this using the --include option, which does take multiple values but without much success. It seems to only accept a single wildcard.

Do you have any advice or examples to help me?

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting in touch! For your situation I would recommend NuGet.exe pack over octo.exe.
NuGet.exe pack will allow you to define a NuSpec that you can use repeatedly to include and exclude all of the files you need.
Octo.exe pack was designed as a quick and dirty ‘I want to pack everything in this directory and I don’t want to make a NuSpec’.
You should find all the links to the relevant documentation from here:

Hope that helps!

Hi Vanessa,

Thanks for your help – I’ll take a look.