Using Octo.exe --packageVersion and --package

Is there a way to have all of the steps have a defined version except for a few specified steps?


I want to be able to do

--packageVersion "2016.3.1Pre" --package Step3:1.2.0 --package Step5:1.2.5

Step 1 - 2016.3.1Pre
Step 2- 2016.3.1Pre
Step 3 - 1.2.0 
Step 4 - 2016.3.1Pre
Step5 - 1.2.5 
Step 6 - 2016.3.1Pre
Step 7 - 2016.3.1Pre


Thanks for getting in touch. You can definitely use octo.exe create-release to create complex releases where each step can have different versions. You can even have a common version for all steps, and have one exception.

It’s simply a case of using the right combination of command-line arguments as described in our documentation for octo.exe create-release.

      --version, --releaseNumber=VALUE
                             [Optional] Release number to use for the new
      --packageversion, --defaultpackageversion=VALUE
                             Default version number of all packages to use
                             for this release.
      --package=StepName     [Optional] Version number to use for a package
                             in the release. Format: --

Your example looks correct, though I tend to use the = like this: --package=Step3:1.2.0

Hope that helps!

You are a wizard, haha That fixed it :slight_smile: