Using Octo CLI doing a package push, getting "Illegal Characters in path" because of wildcard

Using Azure Devops services, I have a Octopus Push Package task, attempting to push all the packages with this in the “package” field “$(System.ArtifactsDirectory)*.nupkg”

I’m using octo.dll 7.3.7. attempting to use the following parameters

dotnet “E:\agent-azure_work_tool\octo\7.3.7\x64/octo.dll” push “–server=http://octopus.arthrex.local/octopus” “–apiKey=" “–space=Default” "–package=E:/agent-azure/_work/2/a/drop/.nupkg**” “–overwrite-mode=FailIfExists”

Which fails.

This works

dotnet “E:\agent-azure_work_tool\octo\7.3.7\x64/octo.dll” push “–server=http://octopus.arthrex.local/octopus” “–apiKey=***” “–space=Default” “–package=E:/agent-azure/_work/2/a/drop/LunchTool.” “–overwrite-mode=FailIfExists”

Attached is a screenshot of the error

Hi Doug,

Thanks for getting in touch! Great, question, and on closer look, wildcards (*) indeed are not supported for package selection on push. To include multiple packages you’d need to specify an individual --package="value" argument per package to be pushed. E.g.

dotnet “E:\agent-azure_work_tool\octo\7.3.7\x64/octo.dll” push “–server=http://octopus.arthrex.local/octopus” “–apiKey=***” “–space=Default” “–package=E:/agent-azure/_work/2/a/drop/Package1.nupkg” “–package=E:/agent-azure/_work/2/a/drop/Package2.nupkg” “–overwrite-mode=FailIfExists”

Let me know how you go or if you have any further questions moving forward. :slight_smile:

Best regards,


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