Using IISWebsite - Stop makes website freeze


We are using the ‘IIS Website - Stop’ step from the Octopus library.

Unfortunately, after running this step we get an intermittent problem of the website becoming unavailable.

Site becomes unavailable in a strange way: when checking it in IIS the App Pool is active and running and the Web Site is also active and running.
However when making a request just navigating via a browser) it never reacts - not even with a timeout.

We never had this problem before octopus when using MSI.

Could you please advise?

Thank you.

Hi Szabi,

Thanks for reaching out. That step is supposed to stop the site. Are you restarting it afterwards? If you can send me a deployment log, i’d be able to see what is going on your deployment.




I was off last week. Please see attached our log files.



Thanks for the info. The problem here seems to be that your site is not being fully released, and something is still holding up some of your files. So when Octopus tries to copy the new files on the deploy directory, it gets an error saying System.ArgumentException: Access to the path is denied.

The usual suspects on these cases are either IIS or anti-virus software. You already stopped the site, so its worth trying to also stop the app pool.!/step-template/actiontemplate-iis-apppool-stop

If that doest work, try to investigate what might be holding your files. This tool can help with that


Hello Dalmiro,

I did add app pool stop after website stop now.

It seems to be working now.

Kind regards,

Glad to hear!