Uses Feed with unknown name

We recently upgraded to version 2022.1.2412 and enabled Config as Code for a few projects. Now we we try to create a release, we are seeing this error:
FeedIdOrName" uses Feed with unknown name “feeds-builtin”. Please edit the deployment process.

Not sure where to go with this. When I edit the deployment process, there is no indication that anything needs updating. feeds-builtin does not show up in the ocl (see attached)

Please advise
deployment_process.ocl (6.0 KB)
deployment_settings.ocl (256 Bytes)
schema_version.ocl (11 Bytes)

Hi Leslie,
Thanks for reaching out with this Config-as-Code issue. As C-a-C is a new and developing feature we have a few issues which crop up and we strive to fix them as soon as we can.

I had a look at the GitHub issues repo and your problem seems to be matching this particular fixed issue:

The fix for this has been released in this version:

Release stream Release
2022.1 2022.1.2488

As such if you have an opportunity to upgrade you should find this will fix the issue. I would stress following our upgrade guide to get the smoothest upgrade experience (if needed).

If upgrade isn’t an option, there is a workaround though not ideal, which should get you back up and running.

Let me know how you get on and if you need any more assistance.

Kind Regards,

That fixed the issue. Thanks.


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