Username in octopus deploy history is wrong

In “Octopus deploy history” i.e. when access octopus and follow the links by -

a. going to a specific project
b. click Releases
c. select a specific release
d. Go to a deployment for e.g development and scroll down
e. check the Deployment History section

In the deployment history section the most recent steps are executed by user like “System” though the deploy would have been triggered by a user A through API or manually by logging into the console

Hi @abrarm,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The deployment history contains a mix of deployment creations and deployment tasks, the creation should have a username assigned whilst the deployment tasks (started, successful, etc) will show system.
e.g. I initiate a deploy from the console, then the system user performs the deploy:


Hi Paul,
Thank you for your response. Is there a way to eliminate the ‘system’ user when a deployment task is triggered? We want to use say the logged in username instead of ‘system’.

For e.g. In the above example is there a way to replace system with PaulCalvert

Unfortunately not, this is due to the logic in use. The user only ever creates a deployment task, the system is what actually performs the deployment.

I do understand where you are coming from though, listing it as system isn’t particularly useful information, so I will feed this back to our product team to see if it is something that can be improved upon.

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