Username and Password are only supported for HTTP/HTTPS feeds

We’re trying to switch our external feed from one server to another. We’re under Library>External Feeds. So we click on the external feed to edit it. We update the server name and path. When we click the Save button we get the error
“There was a problem with your request. Username and Password, are only supported for HTTP/HTTPS feeds”
We verified the username and password. There are no spaces in the URL. The format of the path hasn’t changed. (\server.domain\path\to\files) The previous path still works and is using the same credentials. The only thing that’s different is the name in the path. Any ideas what we’re doing wrong?

Octopus 2018.9.12
We are logged on as an Octopus Administrator
Feed Type is NuGet Feed
Make use of the extended API is unchecked

Hi Bob, thanks for reaching out.

I’ve had a look at the validation code and it follows this pattern:

  1. If feed URI is blank: OK
  2. If feed URI matches regex ^http(s)?://: OK
  3. If feed has no username or password: OK
  4. Error Username and Password, are only supported for HTTP/HTTPS feeds

So as the code stands today you must have a URI like https://server or http://server to be able to supply credentials in a Nuget feed.

I have a few questions that will clarify the situation you have described:

  1. You have previous defined a feed to a directory rather than a URI, but also defined some credentials, is this correct?
  2. What are the credentials you are supplying to the feed i.e. are they the credentials of a windows user?
  3. Does a new feed pointing to a directory but without credentials work?

Also can you please attach a screenshot of the existing feed that you are trying to edit. I have a feeling it may be an an unexpected state, which is why editing it is failing.

Matt C

Thanks for the response. To answer your questions:

  1. Yes, we did define credentials to the directory for this external feed.
  2. No, we’re using a service account.
  3. I think you’re asking if we can create a new feed and point it to the UNC path without adding credentials. It looks like the answer is Yes. Although as soon as we add credentials we get that error message when we go to save.

A couple of follow up questions for you
4. When did Octopus stop supporting UNC paths with a credential on external feeds?
5. If you are allowing the use of UNC Paths without requiring credentials, whose credential is used to access the External feed?

Hi Bob,

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any specific mention of the change for this validation, so I couldn’t tell you what version introduced it.

The credentials used to access a directory are those of the user that is either running the Octopus or the Tentacle services, which is LocalSystem by default.

Given that you are able to create a feed to a directory without credentials (and the existing feed won’t be using the supplied credentials anyway), I think the easiest way to resolve this issue is to remove the credentials from the existing feed when editing it to point to the new directory.

Matt C

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