User Limitations on Community Edition


I’m not entirely sure on how to word the question so please bear with me.

I have seen the 5 user restrictions on the community edition, is this a literal, you can have 5 people in the users sections. Or is it more you can only have 5 people using the system at once?

The reason I ask is that we need maybe one or two people creating, executing deploying etc however have a requirement for about 3 groups with possibly 5 people in each group to approve a deployment. Is this possible or do we need a paid for licence.

I’m trying to put together a POC for our azure website which I have already mocked up and got working. However we need to have this running for a few months before we can get buy in from the rest of the business to roll out over other projects.

Let me know what you think


Hi Ryan,

Thanks for getting in touch! No worries about the question. We’re here to help! :slight_smile: The Octopus community edition “5 users” refers to how many users in the system (i.e. 5 people in the user list). That said, the Octopus license management only looks at the total number of of users, projects and target machines. This means the community edition gives you 20 “things” so any combination of users, projects and target machines will work. In other words, this means you could have 10 users and 2 projects and 8 machines. It sounds like you need 15 users, 1 project and only a couple machines? Azure websites don’t require target machines so you should be fine.

The other thing you could do is simply get an extension for trial license. We understand situations like this happen so we can extend your trial license for another 45 days.

Hope this helps!


Hi Rob, That’s exactly what I needed to hear! Thanks for coming back to me so quickly. Will crack on with getting all this set up now.