User is unable to log in after updates

We have a user who has been working in OctopusDeploy for a year. At some point after the upgrade to 2018.8.9 they are unable to log in. Other users are unaffected. When requesting /api/users/me - rather than getting a JSON response of their info, they get a 401 unauthorized error.

If I enable the Guest access, they can connect and do the work they can choose to log in and it works as expected, but this leaves the system open to guest access, which I’d rather hide.

How would I go about triaging this?

Hi Jeff,

We ended up solving this together over in the Community Slack. It turned out to be a bug introduced in Octopus 2018.8 which we solved in 2018.9. Upgrading should resolve the issue.

Please let me know how you go!