Use "Prerelease" NuGet Packages In Octopus


I am using TeamCity to compile my ASP.Net Web Application and associated Silverlight project into a NuGet package to deploy with Octopus Deploy.

However, I’ve got Team City setup to monitor three branches in our source control system, master, stable and dev. On the packages created from dev and stable, I have suffixed the version number with -dev and -stable to mark them as being not ready for release.

Unfortunately, these packages do not show up as being on the NuGet feed when viewed from Octopus Deploy. The versions built from master branch without the version number suffix do show up in Octopus.

Is there a way to get Octopus to see these “pre-release” NuGet packages?

Thanks very much,


Hi Martyn,

Currently pre-release packages aren’t supported, this is a feature that I will have to add to the backlog I think. I’ve created an item on Trello here to track it:

I think the option to include pre-release packages will become a setting on the Feed (in this case you’d create two feeds, one for pre-release, and one for stable, both with the same URL).


Hi Martyn,

Can you confirm whether this is still a problem in the latest Octopus Deploy release? I seem to be able to select and deploy packages that use pre-release tags.