Use methods and functions in variable in octopus


Is there any possibility that we can use methods and functions in octopus. for example we have multiple tenants like GENAURA , GENAURA ,EUANNA and environment like CID42 , CID43 ,CIT43 and so on.

our application service account uses a combination of these . for example application pool service account for a an application called “SAM” will be “SVR_CID42URA_SAM” and as you can see services account name is a combination of SVR (represent it’s a service account) + CID42 (environment name) + UAR (last three letter of tenant).
So instead of putting service account values for all environment + tenant. we like to know if there is any possibility that for tenat we can trim it’s value at variable level so it’s take last 3 letter.


Thanks for reaching out.

What I think you would want to do here is create a project variable, and use either regex, or Variable Filters to put the three variables together within one project variable in the desired format.

Could you give that a look and let me know if you think it will work for you.

Please let me know.


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