Uploading .xap file does not overwrite the file


We are using OctopusDeploy to deploy our application (which is in Silverlight). Silverlight creates a file with the extension .xap.

Our pipeline is as follow:

  1. We generate from TeamCity NuGet packages.
  2. We push this to a NuGet repository (where OctopusDeploy retrieves it’s packages from)
  3. Octopus publishes this to Azure.

What I’ve noticed is that when deploying the NuGet package the xap file (which is inside the NuGet pacakage) is not overwritten.

In the logs I found the following lines:

Source filePath (D:\Octopus\Work\folder\QFVClient.xap) does not match destination (folder\App_Data\applications\QFV\ClientBin\2017.3\QFVClient.xap) differing in attributes (size[‘6425824’,‘6427198’],lastWriteTime[‘11/06/2018 07:22:52’,‘10/23/2018 12:04:14’]). Update pending.

Updating file (stgflvwapfls001\App_Data\applications\QFV\ClientBin\2017.3\QFVClient.xap).

Do you guys know what’s causing this?


Keethanjan Amuthalingam

Hi Keethanjan, thanks for getting in touch,

The log messages that you provided seem to suggest that web deploy has detected the difference and is trying to update the .xap file. I can’t see any indication that it did not succeed to do so. Could you attach the raw task logs from the deployment so that we can have a closer look, please?


After diving into the logs (because I was removing the sensitive data) I found out that there was another project which was deploying to the same location (which had the old file still).
We need to fix this in our project.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your fast reply!

Hi Kethanjan, no problem at all.

I am glad you managed to track down the issue. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there is anything else we can help with :slight_smile: