Upload Packages Failing

I suspect this is entirely due to a poor internet connection on a VM, as it only happens to a single machine we have, but I thought I’d point out this potential issue.

On package upload to Tentacle, I get the following error for some packages:

The message expired before it was picked up by the remote machine.

The deployment then stays on acquiring packages, with the rest of them never uploading. Our normal deployment takes ~30 minutes, and I left it to sit for 15 hours last night.

Funny thing is, if I retry the deployment, I am informed that:

Package XXX with hash XXX has already been uploaded to tentacle XXX

So, even though the message times out, it still gets deployed. Not sure how big of an issue this is, just thought I’d point it out. If you need detailed logs, I can get them.

Interesting… Yes, if you are able to send a failing task log and/or logs from the server and affected Tentacle that would hopefully let us zero in on it.

Thanks for the heads-up.


I get a similar issue - similar to ccamburn, most likely a slow internet connection.

The error message looks something similar to this

INFO Uploading XXXX to SQ-XXXXXXX 16:52:38
FATAL The message expired before it was picked up by the remote machine. 17:00:05
Octopus.Server version

seems to happen after 8 minutes

Hi Jonathon,

Thanks for the report - are you able to attach the Tentacle’s logs from C:\Octopus\Logs\Tentacle.*.txt, or email them to support at the main Octopus Deploy domain?

Many thanks in advance,