Upgrading the TeamCity plugin causes crash

Not really an octopus bug, but something that users should be aware of. Since the 1.6 plugin is not compatible with 2.0 TeamCity users will need to upgrade the plugin and may be hit with this. Perhaps you can add TeamCity upgrade instructions to the documentation?

Dropping-in the new version of the TeamCity plug-in without first removing the old version causes a major crash in TeamCity. On windows server 2008 R2 it caused a BSOD and full crashdump.

To reproduce this, overwrite the existing %TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH%/plugins/Octopus.TeamCity.zip with the updated 2.0 version and restart teamcity.

The recommended procedure for upgrading TeamCity plugin’s should be:

  • shutdown TeamCity
  • delete Octopus.TeamCity.zip from %TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH%/plugins
  • start TeamCity and verify the plug-in was removed, the un-zipped path plugins/.unpacked/Octopus.TeamCity/ should also be deleted
  • move the new Octopus.TeamCity.zip to %TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH%/plugins
  • restart TeamCity to install plugin.

Thanks for the information, much appreciated.

Did you have to do anything major to recover from the crash? I did the unrecommended procedure, and now i can’t get back into TeamCity despite my best efforts!


To recover:

  • Boot into Safe Mode
  • Open the services console (services.msc) and disable the TeamCity and TeamCity Build Runner services
  • Delete the Octopus Plugin and the .unpacked copy from %TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH%
  • Reboot, start TeamCity and the Build Runner Service, it should boot cleanly.

After this you should be able to shutdown TeamCity, install the new version of Octopus, then re-enable your services.

Is this still the recommended way to upgrade the plugin (the 5-step list)? Or is there some newer way that does not mean you lose all Octo build steps?

Octopus plugin 3.2 -> 3.3, Teamcity 9.1.6

The right steps to upgrade the plugin are:

  1. Stop TeamCity.
  2. Remove the old plugin from the plugins folder (the file Octopus.Teamcity.zip) and put the new one.
  3. Start TeamCity.