Upgrading Octopus version

I want to upgrade our Octopus version, currently on 2022.2.8011.
The latest version available is 2022.4.8344.
Is it ok to upgrade from 2022.2 to 2022.4 or do I need to upgrade to 2022.3 first?

Kind Regards,
Micheál Power

Hey @mikepower79,

Great to hear from you, you can indeed upgrade straight from Octopus 2022.2.8011 to 2022.4.8344 (no need to first go to 2022.3).

I know you are not new to upgrading but I will link our guide to upgrading a modern version of Octpus here we also have one for upgrading a major Octopus releases here for you just in case.

We also have a version comparison page here (I have put in your versions in the link) that you can use to see all the breaking changes between the two versions so you can plan for them if needed.

Let me know if there is anything else you need,

Kind Regards,

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