Upgrading Octopus v2 to v3 - Teamcity consideration


We are running v2.6.5.1010 against TeamCity v9.0.2, using the Octopus TeamCity plugin v2.5.4.35.

We would like to upgrade both our Octopus Server (to v3.3.24) and TC plugin (to v3.3.7).

Is the latest version of the plugin compatible with TC v9.0.2? Or do we need to upgrade TC too?

Thank you, Michael

Hi Michael,

Thanks for getting in touch! The latest version of the plugin is compatible with TC 9.0.2 no TC upgrade is required.
You will need to select the Octopus version that the plugin needs to run once you upgrade - its found in the step configuration as a drop down.

Let me know how you go with your upgrade!

Hi Vanessa,

Just to let you know that I upgraded our instance of Octopus from v2.6.5.1010 to v3.4.14 today.

I performed an in-place upgrade, following the documentation, and it was quite straightforward.

Once I had run the hydra step template, I ran the v3.4.14 Octopus Server installer. It recognised there was a v2 version of the product installed on the same server and displayed a dialogue message about creating a backup of the RavenDB and master Key. The installation failed, however, when it attempted to stop the Octopus Server service - it timed out.

The workaround was a simple case of using the v3.4.14 installer to remove the instance, then stop the Octopus Server service, then run the installer again. All was well after that. Perhaps a note in the documentation mentioning about stopping the service prior to the v3 installation might suffice?

On another note, step 2 of the above documentation requires you to run the Hydra step template to upgrade tentacles, and I ran this on all but one tentacle.

After installing the new Octopus Server application and importing our v2 backup, Octopus picked up all the tentacles, including the one i did not run hydra on. It offered me the option to upgrade this orphaned tentacle, and it succeeded without issue.

Does this mean it is no longer a requirement to use the hydra step template to upgrade the tentacles before installing v3 of Octopus? If so, might be worth updating the documentation accordingly.

Anyway, we’re happy to be using the latest version of the product. Looking forward to utilising some of the new features - channels especially.

Thanks, Michael

Hi Michael,

I am glad you were able to get through the upgrade fairly okay. Thanks for the notes about what worked and what did not. The installer does attempt to stop the services but maybe it could not in your case. I can definitely add something to our documentation in the troubleshooting section.

As for the Tentacle that just worked. Is that Tentacle by any chance a instance on a server with another Tentacle instance that was running? It still is a requirement to run Hydra. 2.6 used Pipefish as the communication layer and 3.x uses Halibut. There is no way for a 3.x to upgrade or talk to a 2.6 Tentacle. Maybe the logs would be a clue if it is not a secondary instance. But as you are upgraded I wouldn’t be too concerned.

Welcome to 3.4!