Upgrading and using Spaces

Hi, I currently have version 3.19.9 installed. So far, only my team are using Octopus, but another team are likely to be joining us so I plan to upgrade to the latest version to get Spaces, to keep their projects separate from ours.

I can see that when I upgrade, my existing setup will all be in the default space, but since that gets used as a default area I think it might be better for me to create a new Space for my team and move everything there. Will I be able to simply move the environments, targets, projects etc into a new space or would I need to start again from scratch if I want to move them out of the default Space?

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Currently we don’t have any mechanism to move information between spaces, although that is definitely coming in a future release. One option would be to create a new space and designate this as the default space. You will need to consider any scripts or external integrations before proceeding with this change as they will need to be updated to connect directly to a space rather than the default.

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Thanks for this. I think it will be easier if I just keep the default space for myself and give my colleagues a new one when they join us. If you add
a feature later that allows things to be moved, I’ll consider it again then!



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