Upgraded to 2020.3.2 - Tenant Common Variable Missing

On Monday night I upgraded to v2020.3.2 and although everything is working fine, on each tenant’s Common Variables, multiple values are not populated .

But if I variable preview on the project that uses the tenant the variables are pulling through

We have over 200 tenants and I lots of Variable Sets - Variable Templates

Is this a known issue ?



Hi @JamesH,

Thanks for getting in touch!

We are aware of an issue where default values won’t display in the UI for tenants.
Does that match what you are seeing?

If so, the linked issue looks to already have a pull request completed so this should be resolved in the next release.


I thought it was the default values, but some of them are showing. Although I think they are ones that have been changed to a non-default value


In that case the best option is to wait for the next release. The issue is just in the UI, as you’ve already noticed when deploying or viewing them elsewhere.


Ok thanks, I’ll keep an eye out


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We also have an issue now with creating a new tenant. It keeps the prompt for Value required for deployment, but won’t allow a value tobe added. Is there a workaround for this ? Or are we close to a patch release ?


There shouldn’t be anything stopping a value from being added. Is it a custom value or default value that you’re trying to add?

The fix for the invisible default values has been added to 2020.3.3 which should be available within the next week or so.

It will allow us to save with the default value, but won’t let us update that value

I’ve some quick testing using a project variable template with a single line text default variable and it is allowing me to update to new values.

Is it presenting an error when you attempt this or outputting anything to the diagnostic log? May even be worth bringing up the browser dev tools to see if any errors are presented there.

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