Upgrade to 3.x - Hydra nuget package has virus


When I try to download:

My virus program lets me know this is no good, and contains a virus:
Realtime scan result:
time: 10/01/15 10:06:15, virus found: W32/Eldorado.6D29!tr, action: Failed to quarantine, c:\downloads\octopusdeploy.hydra.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Can you let me know what virus program you’re using? It might help me search for some more information.

We haven’t had any other reports of this, but for obviously reasons I definitely want to look into it!


Using FortiClient


Hi Scott,

Thanks for this information.

I’m not sure what to tell you here. We haven’t had any other reports of a similar virus flag, and I haven’t been able to reproduce this with a virus scanner here. I’ve checked the file as much as I’m able to, and haven’t found anything wrong.

I’m fairly confident FortiClient may be identifying the file as a virus based on a heuristic check. The Hydra package contains an executable that will automatically install an MSI, optionally via a delayed Windows Scheduled Task. I can only guess that FortiClient interprets this as suspicious and has flagged it as such.

Whether you are happy to accept this scan as a false positive will be a decision for you and your security team, however I can say we’re confident there’s no risk in this file.

If you want to flag the package as a false positive, instructions to do so are here.

I hope this helps,

Thanks for responding. I just manually installed the upgrade, glad it checks out.


It would probably help for Octopus Deploy to provide hashes of all downloadable packages so users can verify from a known good source.


We think this is an excellent idea and sometime very soon the website will have the hashes available for all downloads.
I can’t link you to an issue because its not part of our public issues list … but sometimes soon it will just magically appear :wink: