Upgrade to 3.2.17 broke all tentacles

After upgrading to 3.2.17 and attempting to upgrade all tentacles, they are all now seen as off-line even though they are running. I am able to ping the tentacle machines from the machine running octopus server. If I manually download and install the latest tentacle software it then seems to work after I update calamari on each machine.


Thanks for reaching out. In 3.2.14 we had an issue where Tentacles on that version could only talk to an Octopus Server on that same version. If your Tentacles are now in 3.2.14 and you upgraded your server to 3.2.17, they wont be able to talk to the server.

Please let us know:

  • Does the above match your scenario?

  • How many Tentacles you have aprox?

  • Have you already upgraded all of them manually?

Once you provide this info we can give you some guidance to workaround this.


Yes, I had the server and the tentacles all at 3.2.14 and then updated the server to 3.2.17
About 100 tentacles
I have upgrade 2 manually



Hi Leslie,

The recommended workaround in your case would be this one:

  1. Downgrade your Octopus Server back to 3.2.14 using the installer on the link below. The goal of this is so the Tentacles can talk to the server again for the upgrade.


Only running the MSI on the Octopus server box would be enough for the downgrade.

  1. Run a health check on your Tentacles to make sure they can talk back to the server now that it is back on 3.2.14

  2. Use Hydra que upgrade your Tentacles to the latest version. On the link below, check the step 4 called Use Hydra to automatically upgrade your Tentacles. Even though the instructions where made for an upgrade from 2.6 to 3.0, it’ll still work between 3.0 versions. Only run the instructions of step 4.

  1. Once you upgraded your Tentacles to a version higher than 3.2.14, The Tentacles will no longer be able to talk to the server because of the same bug that caused this mess. Upgrade your Octopus server to the latest version and It’ll be able to talk to the Tentacles again.

Once this is done, you’ll no longer have this kind of issues between upgrades.

Let me know how it goes,

Thank You. I’m back at 3.2.14, it is good now. I am working on setting up a project that touches all environments.