Upgrade from 3.2.24 to 2018.8.6


We have a legacy Octopus Server (version 3.2.24) in Production environment which is running on our on-premise server and using on-premise Database. Now we are moving to Azure Cloud and have to move Octopus to one of the VM in Azure Cloud using Azure SQL Database. I need to install the latest version of Octopus on Cloud VM, using different Database as compared to on-premise

While importing data of old Octopus to New Octopus, I am getting error as “Could not find type ‘Octopus.Core.Model.NuGet.Feed’ in assembly”

I tried doing the steps specified here , but it failed too in the last step
Step 1: Upgrade to Octopus 3.4.15 - Successful
Step 2: Upgrade to Octopus 3.17.14 - Successful
Step 3: Upgrade to the latest version - Fails

Is there any other process of upgrading the same? Or am I missing a step here?

Any help in this regard would be much appreciated

Thank You!
Mayank Sharma

Hi Mayank,
Thanks for getting in touch! I’m sorry to hear you are seeing problem upgrading Octopus, I’m also sorry for the long delay in getting back to you here!

I’m interested to know if I understand your process correctly. In this case, are you seeing problems upgrading your source server to the latest version of Octopus before migrating to your Cloud VM?

if Possible, could I please check out your Octopus.Server logs? For information on how to get the logs, please feel free to check out our documentation here.

I have marked this conversation as private so that you can upload your logs here without risking them being public.

Kind regards,