Updating OctoPack: 3 ways, only one seems to work

Hey Paul,

Your documentation very clearly states to use the console to install OctoPack. That works as advertised. :smiley:

When using the GUI (by clicking “Manage NuGet Packages…” at the project or solution level), the Updates tab correctly shows that there is an update. After clicking “Update” and getting a green check mark indicating “success”, a review of the project file shows that the target import path is not updated to point at the new location in the Packages folder.

Is this intended behavior? I would assume this is a bug in NuGet. For now, I will continue to use the console but it would be nice if I could simply update at the solution level since I have six projects currently leveraging OctoPack.

I’ve had trouble doing the OctoPack update via the Package Manager Console, so I’m glad to hear someone has had it work. As above, the target import in all but the first project isn’t updated, so I have to do it manually.

I’ve noticed that the console says it’s not going to remove 4 files, perhaps that’s part of the issue in my case:

Skipping ‘OctoPack.1.0.100\content\OctoPack-Readme.txt’ because it was modified.
Skipping ‘OctoPack.1.0.100\targets\OctoPack.targets’ because it was modified.
Skipping ‘OctoPack.1.0.100\tools\Install.ps1’ because it was modified.
Skipping ‘OctoPack.1.0.100\tools\MSBuild.psm1’ because it was modified.
The directory is not empty.


Paul (not Octopus Paul)

Thanks Paul, I’ll look into why this happens and see if I can force the targets to be rewritten.

Paul (Octopus Paul :))


I should add that I believe the reason that the package manager thinks the files have been modified is that I have the code in git, and have core.autocrlf=true in my config. When the OctoPack files are checked out I think git is replacing the CRs with CRLFs.


Thanks for the update Paul, that’s helpful to know.