Updating Git repository on tentacle

I’m trying to do a simple deployment, using a Powershell script to update a Git Repository on the tentacle box. The script is as follows:

cd "C:\tools\tools"
git pull

But the deployment hangs when I run it. I’m guessing the git command is prompting for a password for the pull command, but I have the git credentials stored on the machine. When I run powershell on the box manually and perform the same steps, they work fine and don’t prompt. If I change the ‘git pull’ to ‘git stash’, which doesn’t require a password, the deployment runs with no errors.
How do I find which credentials are being used to access the tentacle box? I’m using domain authentication, should it just use the username and password with which I log into the Deploy application?
Any ideas how to proceed from here?

Thanks in advance


Never mind, I found the following template:


I now pass in username and password as template parameters and it pulls without any issues.