Updating Calamari - impacts?


I’ve just installed the Octopus Tentacles on our Production servers and after completing a health check it’s prompting me to update the Calamari on each of the servers.

Before I go ahead and do this I just wanted to double check that by doing this it will only replace the relevant Calamari files on the servers and nothing else? Just thinking about our Prod environment; it won’t stop/start any processes or service, necessitate a restart of IIS, etc?

It’s just paranoia speaking, but better to be clear than to be sorry.


Hi Luke,

Thanks for getting in touch! Calamari is moved over as a package and extracted. It does not need to stop or start the process or require any form of server restart.

Tentacle installations do not come with Calamari as it is managed by the Octopus Server and it’s required version. Updating it before a deployment is a good idea, but if it is out of date on a Tentacle it will update during the deployment as the first step no problems.

Warm Regards,