Updated certificates not getting picked up on deployment

We recently upgraded Octopus Deploy and are on version 2023.1build 9767. We updated a certificate and created a new release in a hotfix channel and deployed to production. We got a private key error. Then we got the certificate again from our source this time with private key. We could see in audit history the private key was not there before. So we created a new release and promoted, and it still did not pick up the new certificate. We tried a 3rd time creating a release pushing it to a lower environment and then pushing to Production and it still failed. We then decided to rollback and went back to our default channel and pushed the last successful production release again. This time it DID pick up the new certificate which was unexpected. So, we just moved forward with the rest of the original deployment and things were fine. Our issue now is we are not sure how to deploy certificate updates and it be successful during our change window. How should we be doing this?

Good morning @theresa.alexandroni,

Just jumping in for Patrick as I can see you put in a request through email so we will continue that discussion there if that is ok with you.

If we do find a solution to this issue and it is relevant for other users we will post up here so that others can see it.

Hopefully the advise Patrick has given you so far via email has helped but let him know via email if it has not and we will do our best to continue to help.

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Yes Patrick and I are still investigating. Thank you.



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