Update Variables when Process has changed

Currently Octopus wont allow you to force update of variables in a release if the deploy process has changed.
I can understand why this exists, but for our workflow is is very problematic.

We have a one week delay from creating our live release until it will deployed to live (it goes through an extensive test phase for this week) and variables are not usually updated for the live environment until it is time to start deploying.
This means that I cannot touch the deployment process what so ever if a variable change has been introduced, since it would make the release undeployable to live.

In this case I have created a new internal environment, and I have to create a new deployment step just for this environment, but it will still lock the release variables of all previously created releases. So now I have to sit on my hands for a week before I can deploy anything to this environment.

I would much like it if you could force a variable update anyway (without updating the snapshot of the deploy process).
“Are you REALLY sure you want to do this?”

Sure I could just create a new release for live after I am done, but then panic will ensue since someone will notice the release number is not the one we were supposed to go with.

Hi Henrick,

Thanks for reaching out and for the feeback. We agree that out current approach on snapshot-ed variables can be a bit problematic sometimes. We are currently working on a good way to modify variables between deployments of a same release. It is something we’re planning on shipping as part of our 3.0/3.1 release.



We will look forward to it with anticipation and glee.