Update packages in Release

Hi, If I have created a Release named ‘ABC’ having below packages
Package 'A’
Package 'B’
Package 'C’
Now if i want to replace Package ‘B’ with new version of Package ‘B’, Can i still use Release ‘ABC’ (reflecting new version of Package ‘B’) or I will have to create new Release?
Please confirm

Hi Pratik,

You can click on “Edit this release” and you’ll be able to pick a new package version.


Hi, I don’t think this will help me to achieve what i am looking for
I will have to upload the package ‘B’ and select option to overwrite the existing Package 'B’
So my question is, will this new package ‘B’ will be in effective for Release ‘xyz’ ?

If you initially created release 1.0.0 with the packages:


And then you build+push PackageB.2.0.0 and want to use it on the release 1.0.0, simply edit the release and overwrite the old version.