Unused Roles

Sometimes we delete a role, and then we have no way of knowing if that role is still being used in any steps… is there a way to automagically have this notification presented? Also, is there anything on the docket to have a more formalized role CRUD area?

We have a similar issue. Our machines are provisioned dynamically by AWS (auto scale groups). Just because we don’t have any machines presently talking to Octopus as XYZ role, that doesn’t mean we want the XYZ role removed from all of our variables. But now we can’t ever delete a machine from octopus if it is the last machine with a given role, otherwise the contextual scope data on variables using the role disappears. It is no gusta. As a work around we have dummy machines in Octopus that don’t actually exist, all to make sure that no role ever gets removed from variable scopes, because it is likely the role will appear on a new machine at a later time.


Thanks for reaching out. Both comments include useful suggestions (thanks a lot for that!).

I’ve created a uservoice suggestion for a better handling of unused roles. Please try to put some votes on it (and why not a comment?) if you want to see it in upcoming versions:

I’ve also added a note on this uservoice entry, suggesting a CRUD UI for better role management. Feel free to drop by and put some votes here as well: http://octopusdeploy.uservoice.com/forums/170787-general/suggestions/3271170-renaming-roles