Unrecognized command arguments: --timeout

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Hi, my team is on Octopus 3.12.9 and using OctoPack + MSBuild to create & deploy nightly Octopus releases.

We have one build/deployment project which has recently begun timing out during the “create release” phase. As a short-term fix, I thought I would try extending the default timeout by adding the “timeout” parameter. However, the release creation fails, saying it’s an unrecognized argument.

Create release with Octo.exe

Initial Property Values
Arguments = create-release --project=MyProject --version=20181212.8 --server=http://myBuildServer --apiKey=API-ABCDEFG --timeout=900
EnvironmentVariables =
FileName = C:\Octo\Octo.exe
OutputEncoding = System.Text.SBCSCodePageEncoding
WorkingDirectory =

C:\Octo\Octo.exe create-release --project= MyProject --version=20181212.8 --server=http://myBuildServer --apiKey=API-ABCDEFG --timeout=900

Octopus Deploy Command Line Tool, version 4.5.1

Unrecognized command arguments: --timeout=900

Exit code: -1

Is there something wrong with my syntax? I checked the 3.12 API and it looks like it supports “timeout.” This project uses OctoPack 3.0.42. Thanks for any help…

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