Unexpected behaviour when deleting Process step?

I had a step that I had variables assigned to and then after deleting the step, I noticed the variables that were scoped to that step was deleted too.

Is this the expected behaviour (version 3.2.24)?

I still wanted the variables as I was moving the powershell script for the first step into the next step in the Pre-deployment script instead - as it is it seems I would need to re-scope the variables first but not sure if the variables should really be getting deleted when going out of scope…

Hi Gavin,

Thanks for reaching out. This is the expected behavior. It works like this:

  • If the variable is scoped to 2 steps, and one of them gets deleted, that step will be removed from the Variable’s scope but the variable will stay (now scoped to a single step)

  • If the variable is scoped to only 1 step, and that step gets deleted, we’ll delete the variable along with it.

Like you said, you’re gonna have to first scope the variable to the new step before deleting the old one.

Best regards,