Unattended Octopus Server Installation

Is it possible to perform an unattended installation of Octopus Deploy server? I would like to be able to install and configure Octopus with little to no direct intervention using tools like Chef.

Hi Ted,

Yes, it is. After you install Octopus manually and run through the installation wizard, there will be a “Show script” option. You can use that to export a command line version of all the settings you select during installation.



Thanks for your response! I’ll take a look at that and report back. BTW, we have been evaluating Octopus as our standard deployment tool for IIS and .NET applications. Everyone involved is well pleased with Octopus from the devs to the sys admins. It is difficult getting consensus from all parties like that so kudos for an excellent product.


Thanks Ted!

I grabbed the script as you described and it did the job. Thank you very much for your help. We should be able to do a real DevOps build around Octopus using that feature and the API.