Unable to tell what's changed on the Audit page

We’ve recently allowed more devs to have admin access to our deployment system so they can make changes to the process when they change the software but I’ve noticed that the audit page doesn’t show what’s changed when this happens, just what it looks like now:

So the entries called “Deployment process for was changed (show details)” just has a JSON file or what it now looks like - how am I supposed to tell what this person added/removed so I can quickly revert their changes?

Hi Gavin,

Thanks for getting in touch! The audit page shows changes, but only for modifications. If you aren’t seeing red or green then it will be the first instance of the project or step being added. But if its a modification or body addition its fairly clearly shown. See my screenshot examples.

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Hi Vanessa

I see that yes, so if the value of a field is changed I get the red/green text, what I don’t get (which I’m more than certain SHOULD be in an audit log) is that if you remove text, the key value isn’t show at all in the audit.

You should be able to replicate by adding an “Additional transforms” under “Configuration transforms”, then saving the step, then go back and remove the value. Check the audit log and you will see the two entries for the project modification with no red/green text highlighting that anything has changed. Not sure if this is just an issue with the projects or pretty much any field that can take blank as a value …


Hi Gavin,

I have created an issue for this that you can track here: https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/2298

Thanks for the report!