Unable to read data from the transport connection: A connection attempt failed because the connected

Hi Team,

After added target machine, " Health Check" was working fine but after an hour it was started showing subjected error.

I have restarted tenatcle but no use. I am attaching error log from tentacle machine…

Could you please help me to resolve an issue.

OctopusTentacle_-_Copy.txt (20 KB)


Thanks for getting in touch. The error you are seeing shows a networking problem. We hold a TCP connection open between the Octopus Server and Tentacle and re-use it. The exception you are seeing is thrown when that connection fails.

If it is only occasional and your deployments are still working it isn’t a problem, we reconnect automatically, however yours looks to be every 10 minutes or so. Sometimes customers have a firewall that kills off open connections that are held open, or problems with their networking equipment on that route. Do you have other Tentacles that are working?